Voting Guidelines & Rules

You must be a Haunt Attraction owner or the 0wner/chief principal of a business which supplies to the Haunt & Attraction Industry to vote

You may vote in only the categories that you choose to nominate… you are not required to vote in every category for your votes to qualify.
Only one ballot per person/company will be accepted. Any person/company submitting more than one ballot will be disqualified from voting (their company may become ineligible for any nominations)
For your vote to qualify for "Best Haunted Attraction" you must vote for 3 Haunts. You can only have an interest or ownership in one of those three.
Withstanding "Best Haunted Attraction" Category you may vote the same haunt, attraction or individual in any and all categories that apply.

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You must vote for 3 haunts for your votes to qualify for this section. List your votes in order of significance (top vote #1)
Haunt Attraction Name/Company
Web Domain (if known)
# Of Guests Annually (if known)

(List only those you feel are deserving)
Haunt Attraction Name/Company
Web Domain (if known)
Best New Haunt
Best Not For Profit Haunt
Best Home Haunt
Best Multi-Attraction Haunt
Best Hayride
Best Cornfield/Maze
Best Woods
Best Circus
Best 3D Attraction
Best Trailer Attraction
Best Insane Asylum
Scariest Haunt
Most Unique/Creative Haunt
Most Radical Haunt

(List only those you feel are deserving)
Haunt Attraction Name/Company
Web Domain (if known)
Best Set Design
Best Use of Animatronics
Best Use of Actors
Best Make-Up
Best Use Of Lighting
Best Use Of Music
Best Use OF CGI/Video
Best Use Of Special Effects

(List only those you feel are deserving)
Vendor/Company Name
Web Domain (if known)
Best Animatronic Manufacturer/Supplier
Best Dark Ride Designer/Manufacturer
Best Set Designers
Best Prop Manufacturer/Supplier
Best Mask Makers 
Best Costumes
Best New Product

(Must send a copy of each entry to qualify for voting)
Haunt Attraction Name/Company
Best Promotion- TV
TV Spot Title:
Best Promotion- Video
Video Title:
Best Promotion- Radio
Radio Spot Title:
Best Promotion- Website
Best Promotion- Magazine Ad/Campaign
Ad Title:
Best Promotion- Brochure/Handout/Flyers
Brochure/Flyer Title:
Best Promotion- Billboard/Outdoor Adv/Transit 
Billboard Title:
Best Promotion- Posters
Poster Title:
Best Promotion- Photography
Photo Title:
Best Promotion- Tickets
Ticket Title:
Best Promotion- Wearables/Ad Specialties
Product Description & Title:
Best Promotion- Logo Design

Directions for Submission of Best Promotion Materials
All votes in the Category "Best Promotions of Haunted Attraction " must be submitted via US mail and accompanied with sample as noted below.Mail to 13th Hour Magazine's  World's Best Awards, c/o Imagination Publications, 203 N Main St. Mishawaka, IN 46544
Best Promotion- TV  submit copy of spot (quick time file, high quality digital file and/or link, dvd, beta SP or mini dv)
Best Promotion- Video submit copy of video  (quick time file, high quality digital file and/or link, dvd, beta SP or mini dv)
Best Promotion- Radio submit cd or high quality digital file w/vote
Best Promotion- Website submit URL/Domain Name
Best Promotion- Magazine Ad/Campaign submit actual magzine tear sheets w/vote
Best Promotion- Brochure/Handout/Flyers submit actual copy of piece w/vote
Best Promotion- Billboard/Outdoor Adv/Transit submit high res photo of board w/vote
Best Promotion- Posters submit actual poster or high res photo of poster w/vote
Best Promotion- Photography submit high res copy of photo w/vote
Best Promotion- Tickets submit actual ticket w/vote
Best Promotion- Wearables/Ad Specialties submit actual ad specialty or wearable w/vote
Best Promotion- Logo Design submit 4 color (high resolution output) copy of logo w/vote (hard copy only)

(List only those you feel are deserving)
Theme Park Event/Attraction/Dark Ride Coaster Nmae
Web Domain (if known)
Best Theme/Amusement Park  
Best Theme Park Halloween
Event or Attraction
Best Theme Park
Season Event (any season)
Best Overall Attraction
Best New Attraction
Best Dark Ride
Best Roller Coaster

(List only those you feel are deserving)
Haunt Attraction Or Individuals Name
Web Domain (if known)
Safety Award
Outstanding Contribution
Lifetime Achievement

Artis/Photographer Name
Title of Piece
Best Artist
Best Illustration/Piece
Best Computer Generated Art
Best Photographer
Best Photography

Novel/Author´s Name
Title of Piece
Best Novel/Thriller
Best Writer/Author

Artist´s Name
Album/Song Title:
Best Original Music
Best Artist

Best Horror Flick  Film Title:
Best Horror Flick Actor Actor Name:
Best Horror Flick Actress Actress Name:
Best Horror Flick Director Director Name
Best Short Film Film Name:
Best Oldie Film Title:

Best Magician Magician/Illusionist's Name
Best Illusion Name/Description of Illusion:

Play/Show Title
Music Title
Best Play/Show
Best Costumes
Best Use Of Music
Best Use Of Special Effects
Best Use Of Lighting

Artist´s Name
Best Comedian

Name Of Event/Character/Candy/Song:
Description Of Dish:
Best Halloween Party/Event
Best House That Is Haunted
Favorite Halloween Recipe
Favorite Halloween Character
Favorite Halloween Treat/Candy
Favorite Halloween Song/Music


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